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Thread: Rotten Harvest 2015

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    Yeah, I am in too. I was looking through my stash, but I didn't find much that seemed interesting... then my wife had a great idea for a base for one of the figures so now I am excited about that. I've already started on parts of the base.

    This will be a bit unusual, so I am not sure how well it will do in the contest. But it should be fun to work on!

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    Cool. I don't think I'll get around to doing anything for this year though. <shrug>.

    I started some puppet wars miniatures towards the end of last year, intending to paint them up before the new year. Didn't finish them. Maybe I should dig them out...

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    you should!

    and stop talking about them before they disqualify you (stupid rule )
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    You can't even talk about it? That's crazy!

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    I ended up completing two entries to this. A witch from Legion of the Cow and a Sea Serpent from CMON Blood Rage.

    The sea serpent was just a quickie that I finished the last night of the contest.

    The "Vanitas Still Life with Witch" was doing pretty well in the contest, and I ended up winning the Witches and Warlocks Category, as well as the price for 'Best Base or Diorama' and 'Best in Show'.
    It was a fun piece to work on with new stuff that I hadn't tried before.

    Did anyone else here submit an entry?

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    Congrats! Great work on both entries but the witch is great. Is it all on a base or are they seperate pieces that you just arranged for the photo.

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    I submitted the Bombshell babe scarecrow in Treat or Treat, it got second for the category. Congrats on your win, I loved your witch!


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