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Thread: First use of Wamp brushes - Dogs of War Busts

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    First use of Wamp brushes - Dogs of War Busts

    I've finally broken in the brushes from the Wamp Brush kickstarter. I painted these small busts from CMON Dogs of War using the Detail and Freehand Wamp brushes.
    So far, so good, for sure. They were holding their shapes nicely, and I didn't have any problems with them.

    I don't really know that much about the busts themselves. I know they were exclusive updates to the kickstarter they were running. A guy in my figure painting group had gotten a couple of boxes of them at the CMON expo, and we held a small contest with them.

    Actually, I did run in to ONE issue with the brushes -- they taste bad! ;) I didn't even realized I have habit of sticking the brushes in my mouth while I grab paint bottles, etc. As I did so, I noticed these brushes had a distinct bitter flavor. But I quick washing took care of this serious flaw...

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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! spykeside
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    Store a jolly rancher in the bottom of your paintbrush holder mug mate, that should help.

    Cool busts btw! like the right one, cool colors

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    did you wash the coating off when new as they come with a coating from manufacture.

    Glad your happy with them. Lovely painting, though the two faced one makes my eyes go blurry!!
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    Thank you!

    I did wash off the brushy-bits, but the part I am putting in my mouth is the handle.

    It reminds me of elementary school - the kids that were too bad about chewing their pencils were given special green pencils that were made to dissuade pencil-chewing. They had a horrible bitter taste (or so I was told... ;))



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