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  • Donald Johansson - Ian the Anteater and His Groovy Spectrummers

    18 52.94%
  • Nameless - Rainbow Wizard

    10 29.41%
  • Durf - Aurora

    11 32.35%
  • AGN1964 Quetzali Mistress of the Stygian Depths

    1 2.94%
  • Tilaurin - Veritech VF-1A (multiple mode) Fighter

    2 5.88%
  • dpowell - Sorondil, Dinosaur Hunter

    5 14.71%
  • Possumcraft - Very Proud Saurus

    5 14.71%
  • Possumcraft - Big Rainbow Cat Dog Monster

    1 2.94%
  • Possumcraft - Big green Bug

    0 0%
  • Khonner - Calandra Truthsayer

    3 8.82%
  • Nils.H - Leprechaun for equality

    1 2.94%
  • brushmistress - Danse Macabre

    5 14.71%
  • Rogland - Gigant

    1 2.94%
  • Rogland - Xezbeth

    1 2.94%
  • Rogland - Nymert

    6 17.65%
  • Rogland - Queen of Darkness

    4 11.76%
  • Rogland - Lilith

    14 41.18%
  • Giraffex - Joan of Arc

    0 0%
  • Citrine - Rainbow Voodoo

    3 8.82%
  • MaGie - Saviour

    8 23.53%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Rainbow Brush Voting

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    Wamp Incarnate
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    Nov 2008
    Hutton Cranswick, East Yorkshire
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    Rainbow Brush Voting

    Its time to vote folks!

    PLEASE NOTE this contest is not simply about the best painted entry but also about the theme. While choosing your winners you should take into account how much they have adhered to the Rainbow theme and utilised the seven colours in their entries. Some entries may be more subtle in their use of the colours but should still make you aware of their place. You should balance your decision according to this use of theme alongside the execution of the painting itself.

    Voting will remain open until 3pm Wednesday 12th August(British Time)

    A few voting rules but please read them (you'd be surprised how many don't!!)

    1. You must be registered and logged in to vote.
    2. You have 3 votes to cast.
    3. All 3 votes must be cast in one go.
    4. You MUST use 3 votes, each for a different entry.
    5. Voting will remain open until 3pm Wednesday 12th August (British Time)
    6. Results will remain hidden until the judging closes.
    7. You may not vote on your own entries, anyone found doing so will be disqualified, hung drawn and quartered and made to lick Normski's armpits (order of punishment may vary)

    Entries can be found via the link below:
    Rainbow Brush Entries
    Available for Commissions Like my Facebook Page: Brett Johnson Designs

    Shop at the Wampstore Wamp Corporate

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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    Voted! Good luck everyone!

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    Super Wamp Mako's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    The mouth of Ports
    I voted, and there was a good chunk of my points awarded for theme. Now I want to paint more stuff rainbow styled!
    A model what I painted: My WIP thread

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    Destroyer of Ladders Enlightened Wamp vegascat's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Ashburn, VA
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    Voted. Some wonderful models there, wish I could vote for more!
    Miniatures painted in 2015: 21

    I've Been Wagged!

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    When we posted the images, I think there was a rule saying it could not have been posted elsewhere. What's the time limit on that? The start of the contest or end of voting?

    I just want to update my blog/FB page.

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    Chief Cabana
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    Aug 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    I voted too, good luck all!

    AGN, I did not see anything about that on the contest announcement. I know a number of the entries have been posted elsewhere so I'm pretty sure you're safe to put it on your blog and FB.

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    Ha, ha, ha. I'm going nuts. Thanks!

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    Voted, best of luck everyone! I had no struggle for my first vote, but by the third I really wasn't sure!

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    Votes cast! Good luck everyone!


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