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Thread: Darklands July releases

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    Darklands July releases

    July releases!

    There Be Monsters

    We're a bit late with the releases again this month, for which we must apologise, but the July releases are finally here and are very monstrous indeed! From both Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II, these eight releases represent the ninth and third set of releases from those projects respectively.

    The Albainn get a Mormaer on Pony, the Byzantii a Centurion and the Ysians Crom on foot and on horse in one pack, but the rest are all monstrous! The Anglecynn have a mighty Męgenwulf to crush their enemies with, called Cnebba; the Brythoniaid gain a huge and powerful lesser dragon, Parawn; the Fomoraic have Brunchaath the Vile on Gooracx to strike at their enemies; and the Norse get a cracking Troll King called Thórrir, the better to murderise the foe with. Oh, and last but not least, we have a superb Ancestor to bring to you - a sell-sword of the Friesians, Rikkard!

    Sadly, we've not been able to get them painted in time for release, but the miniatures themselves are fantastic as always - and just like the previous releases, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we've just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.

    Dśngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn on Pony

    The Albainn ride tough, sturdy ponies into battle, smaller than horses but perfectly able; and Dśngal, the Albainn Mormaer, is riding just such a beast here! Sculpted by Olivier Nkweti from the artwork by Sam Lamont.

    Cnebba, Męgenwulf

    Sculpted by the masterful Allan Carrasco from the superb artwork by Christophe Madura, Cnebba - pronounced 'NEB-a' - is a mighty Męgenwulf of the Anglecynn, a huge and powerful wolf-beast many times larger than a human!

    Parawn, Draigllai of Idris

    The Brythoniaid are all about the dragons, and this month we have a mighty Draigllai named Parawn, a lesser dragon than Angrislaug he may be but he is still incredibly powerful and his fire is deadly. Sculpted by the amazing Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Dan Warren!

    Equitus Durio, Centurion on Foot

    The centurion, Equitus Durio, has been a while in coming but finally you have a powerful warlord to lead your Byzantii and Infernii. Sculpted by Yannick Hennebo from the artwork by Stef Kopinski, Equitus is more than capable of leading a mighty host!

    Brunchaath the Vile, Gabrax Tain on Gooracx

    Brunchaath the Vile was one of our first ever miniatures and it is only fitting that we give him a mount! Sculpted by Benoīt Cosse from the artwork by Stef Kopinski, Brunchaath is riding a mighty Gooracx or goat-beast, strong and powerful and nasty on the charge!

    Rikkard, Lord of Rijswijk

    Rikkard is another Ancestor, a miniature designed by one of our Kickstarter backers, in this case the prolific commenter and brilliantly supportive Rick Boer from the Netherlands. Rick supplied us with images of himself along with a brief of who his ancestors actually were, and we decided his ancestor would be perfect to bring the first Friesian - the modern day Dutch - to Darklands!

    Sculpted by a newcomer to our range -Michael Anderson - from the artwork by Stef Kopinski, Rikkard (like all the Ancestors) is a sell-sword and so can be used by just about every host in Darklands!

    Thórrir, Troll Konungr

    A mighty Troll King, is Thórrir, a huge and powerful warlord who commands the Trolls of the Norse to do his bidding and smash the enemy to pieces. Sculpted by the incredible Allan Carrasco from the artwork by Stef Kopinski!

    Crom of Carn Wrach, War-Drune on Foot and on Horse

    A War-Drune of the Ysians, Crom of Carn Wrach has been released on foot and on horse before now, but here you can purchase him in both forms - but cheaper than purchasing him individually. Sculpted by Stéphane Simon from the artwork by Danny Cruz!

    All of the releases above were officially released on the 4th of July 2015, and so you can order them right now.

    Watch out for the August releases, which should be unveiled in the next week or so!

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    More wonderful releases - Parawn is my favorite.
    Miniatures painted in 2015: 21

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