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Thread: Highlighting red

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    Highlighting red

    Hi All,

    I am currently having a problem where I'm trying to highlight quite a bright red, it covers quite a large area of the mini. Only problem is that my normal highlight process of adding white to it in stages doesn't work as the mini starts to look pink!! Which is not the affect I am hoping for. Any suggestions are welcome!

    LS :)

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    More info' is needed but you can highlight with orange into yellow for a warmer highlight or pink into white for a cool highlight for starters, not sure what your after though
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    It's all relative, so maybe work in the opposite direction, by deepening the contrast in the shadows. The highlight can be bright red (over a white undercoat), and the midtones and shadows can work towards dark reds, browns, and/or brown/blue (over a dark undercoat).

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    If you have started with the bright red you have kind of hit your limit... depending on what you are after you can add flesh colour to it then for the very top highlight use an off white but thats the very last step or ya can use a pale blue then top highlight on white.. to avoid pinking ya need to stay away from white.. but what shades has said is spot on deepen your shadowed areas this will make the highlight stabd out more so ya wont need to kill ya self trying to push an extreme highlight...

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    i generally use either a cold flesh tone or a very pale grey blue (like space wolves grey) for my red highlight colour
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    Thanks for the tips guys. It is a bright scarlet that I am trying to paint. It is a medieval style figure with a surcoat over his armor. It is the surcoat I am trying to paint. The problem is compounded in that the area is pretty flat, so there are no deep creases to darken. That said I think I might have started too bright, I will see how darkening certain areas goes.


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    I highlight red with pale golden yellow, then I glaze over the yellow with the red thinned down. It seems to work okay.
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