Hi everybody, some of you may remember Jason Martin - one of those involved in Figure Painting Magazine. He's now helping out with a new company, Legion of the Cow, and, of course, maintaining his profile and skills as Painter Extraordinaire.

Jason's asked me to post something on LotC on the forums I frequent, to help raise the company's profile, so here's my take on them.

I'm not otherwise affiliated with Jason. Not even via the beer economy ....


There's a few more things happening on their Facebook page, but most importantly to me are the pretty pics Jason links there - most recently, an incredible sculpt of Sirene from Devilman, which I would never otherwise have known about.

They've also got a line of miniatures coming out, called Albion's Legacy. That one will go to Kickstarter at some point, I think.

So, please head on over to either their website or their Facebook page and have a browse through.