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Thread: WIP it ... WIP it good

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    Cheers vegascat. The new civvy models look great, but it will be a while before they're on the painting table I think.

    This week I sat down to paint some 40mm bases for my Space Wolves. Looking through the box, I picked out the bases required, primed them then realised while priming those, I may as well prime a few other pieces and moved the bases to the side and ... well, long story short ... good progress but not actually what I intended to finish!

    We needed more colour and line of sight blocking terrain on the gaming board, so I went to town on weathering up some scenery bought earlier this year. These are from TT Combat and I really like their MDF terrain range - it's a good price, easy to throw together and turns out looking reasonable if you put the effort in.

    I had forgotten how hungry for paint MDF can be, so getting them to the point of readiness took a lot longer than their GW plastic equivalents. But the results are good and I got to play with the same techniques as my Space Wolves - so black primer, dark and light brown undercoats, varnish, chipping medium then the base colour + highlighting and shading.

    There's a few more pieces in the pipeline with a little more detail so they'll turn up next month at current rate of progress.

    My Space Wolves are still progressing, albeit slowly, and I've done a simple sword swap for the Captain and Lieutenent to make them a little more wolfy.

    I may even remember to finish up those 40mm bases that started all this terrain building ...
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    These are going to test your eyesight and no mistake, look foward to see them progress.

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    Haven't been in here for a bit, you've been productive! I'd pick out individual bits, but the crates, wolves, terrain (and your giant pile of new civilians) all look good
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