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Thread: Darklands April releases

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    Darklands April releases

    New release for April

    Giants and Snakes and Other Nasties

    This month we have a whopping fourteen new miniatures to bring to you from Darklands: First Edition, representing the sixth set of releases from that project. We always say they're brilliant, of course, and this month is no exception - but we feel that these are even brillianter than last month... for not only do we have a massive monstrosity in the shape of the Giant known as Gomagg, we also have a unit of snake-women - and much more besides!

    So what do we have this month? Well, the Albainn gain Gomagg the mighty Giant; the Angelcynn get Eadric on his horse; the Brythoniaid have Caedoc the Abad; the Byzantii are bolstered by the lovely, nasty Skorpion Minor, Tykho; the Fomoraic have a Gabrox, a bigger Gabrax to boost his little mates; the Khthones have a new unit to add to their ranks, the snake-women of the Dawn of Khthon; the Norse get a huge Fell Troll, Mälmord; and the Ysians get Crom on Horse, the better to charge down your enemies. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, we have Danilo Cruz of the Visigoths - a Sell-Sword any kindred can use!

    Sadly, we've not been able to get them painted in time for release, but the miniatures themselves are fantastic as always - and just like the previous releases, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we've just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.

    Gomagg, Giant of the North
    What can one say about Gomagg, except - 'Blimey, he's big!' The Albainn now have themselves a huge and mighty Giant, our tallest biped by far and an absolutely wonderful miniature that should grace any fantasy tabletop, let alone Darklands.

    Not convinced about how big he is? Have a look at Krull and Daarkan next to him...

    Gomagg has been brilliantly sculpted by Ernst Veingart from the artwork by Sam Lamont.

    Eadric, Forthegn of Mierce on Horse
    Sculpted by Stéphane Camosseto from the artwork by Des Hanley, the lovely Eadric on Horse is a cracking mounted addition to the Angelcynn. You'll find that, if he's mounted, it's much easier to keep your Forthegn close to your Wælwulfas!

    Caedoc, Abad of Becelert
    Caedoc is an Abad, an abbott, a Christian warrior-monk who despises sorcery above all else and has no truck with dragons, either. Haughty he may be, but he's certainly very useful - especially against enemy sorcerers... Caedoc was sculpted by Juan Navarro Pérez from the artwork by Dan Warren.

    Tykho, Skorpion Minor
    The Byzantii get a monster this month in the scorpion-like shape of Tykho - a smallish monster, but a cracker nonetheless. Watch out for that stingy tail! Sculpted by Stéphane NGuyen from the artwork by Danny Cruz.

    Praach, Braying Gabrox
    With the Gabrax released last month, it's time to give you their big brother - Praach! He's a Gabrox, a goat-monster almost as big as a Srónax and twice as nasty as he can both bedevil the enemy on his own or join his smaller cousins to bolster their battle-line, a very useful thing indeed. Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Christophe Madura.

    Dawn of Khthon, Gorgórar Unit
    This month sees the release of another unit... and what a fantastic unit it is. The Dawn of Khthon comprise five fantastic Gorgórar or snake-women (Myrinna the champion, Syntyss the banner bearer, Thillia the herald and two warriors, Phyllidii and Elthissi), who are just as capable as their male kin, the Gorgonar, on the battlefield. They've been sculpted by a newcomer to our range, Hector Moran, from the artwork by Christophe Madura - and are in fact our first 3D sculpted miniatures, ever. Hector is a master at 3D sculpting and we have been stunned by the result, but don't take our word for it - grab these girls to see them in the flesh!

    Mälmord, Fell Troll
    Following Allan Carrasco's work on the Trolls cannot be an easy task, but Roberto Chaudon seems to have done it without effort! Sculpted from the artwork by Christophe Madura, Mälmord the Fell Troll is a mighty beast hunter on an 80mm base and much larger than the normal trolls. With iron-hard skin and those nasty throwing spears, Mälmord can cause havoc amongst enemy monsters!

    Danilo Cruz, Beast-Slayer of Cantabria on Foot
    Danilo Cruz is an homage to one of our favourite artists, Danny Cruz! Tasked with drawing himself as his ancestor would be, Danny has done a great job and Juan Navarro Pérez has performed an equally fantastic job to bring Danilo to life. Danilo is a beast slayer, hence the long spears and crouching pose, ready to strike upwards; and he's a sell-sword, too, which means any kindred can use his special skills against their enemies' monstrosities!

    Crom of Carn Wrach, War-Drune on Horse
    With Carrowek's horse being a Drune-Horse, at least one War-Drune needed a horse - and Crom was the winner. Still holding his head trophy, Crom looks especially pleased with himself (even though you can't see his face) - and his horse looks very mean, too! Sculpted by Stéphane Simon from the artwork by Danny Cruz.

    All of the releases above will be officially released on the 4th of April 2015, but you can order them now from the Mierce Miniatures website to your heart's content!

    Watch out for more releases next month, too!

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    Great as ever love the fell troll
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    That fell troll is terrifying! Praach and the gorgorar unit are pretty sweet too!
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