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Thread: Need some help...

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    Need some help...

    Here's a question...Has anyone ever glued models together using plastic glue (plastic models) then realized they need to be painted without the arms on in order to get to the chest details.

    How did you removed the arms without destroying the whole model and needing to re sculpt parts in order to paint them?

    I basically glued my entire Grey Knight army together then realized I needed to paint the torsos which are now obscured by their weapons and arms...

    Any easy fixes? I appreciate all advice.
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    asuming your glue is a basic polly cemment that melts the parts together like most plastic glues do. Then on small join areas it is possible to use the glue to soften the join and remove the part with the help of tweezers or a knife

    just dont force it or put on too much glue or you'll damage the surround areas. i tend to use a old small painting brush rather than the ones the glues come with.

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    done it loads though with super glue I just leave em on and struggle!
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    Yup What Brett says is the only way really its much easier... Just start with the chest areas and work ya way out so ya not hitting the arms with the chest area paint.. its the only way really...

  5. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat


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