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Thread: Blood Rage - Viking Board Game - Kickstarter st

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    Hmm, didn't notice that section. The 14 day campaign and lack of crazy big stretch goals combined with everything so far being shown as either sculpted or printed should reduce some delays but I agree, with it being CMON the new year is a more likely delivery date. I'd like to be proved wrong though.

    Thats one thing that the Guildball KS has done well - it is late, but it has been for explainable reasons (such as the loss of Stuart Griffin mid casting run) but they have always been up front about it, which is something I hope we manage to emulate with the Select range.
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    I forgot to add that the thing I dislike the most about CMON KS's is their lack of information after the KS is finished. While I realize they've got a company to run, I don't think getting a quick update every two-three weeks is asking too much.
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    The campaign marches on, a couple of recently unlocked figures are particularly awesome. These photos show the resin masters, not the pvc production casts, but looking at pics of some of the other production casts, they should be pretty close to this level.

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