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Thread: Bombshell - Releases for January

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    Bombshell - Releases for January

    Right down to the wire as usual we offer up this latest batch of new releases for January. Candy the Mobile Sniper is our Babe™ of the month and she comes to us from the capable hands of sculptor Chad Hoverter. For your Counterblast modeling and converting needs comes a set of brains with brainstems and eyes for upgrading your bots with bio-implants as well as a sprue of various equipment and tools to kit out your crew members.

    Also, dipping our toe into the 15mm pool, is the MicroBabes Set. This initial release of four tough sci-fi girls is the first in an entire range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures planned for release this year. Future Counterblast releases will see 15mm counterparts available for your choice of gaming scales. More on this will be announced later.

    10036 Candy the Mobile Sniper - $9.99
    15001 MicroBabes Set - $5.99
    36028 Cybrains (2) - 2.99
    36029 Equipment & Tools - $2.99

    The Sculptdude

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    I like to French Kiss Racoons
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    Is she eating an apple? What's going on there?

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    i'd agree with the bubblegum with her name been Candy

    Edit: Found this on the Bombshell site

    She loves chewing gum and shooting bad guys. And she's almost out of gum.
    Last edited by Arkreaper; 31-01-2015 at 12:15 AM.

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    Yep - Bubble gum.

    It will be a little more apparent when we can post painted pics of her.
    The Sculptdude

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    I saw Candy floating around Facebook this past week and immediately added her to my wish list. She's just lots of fun.
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    Thanks! I was a bit skeptical of the concept at first but after Chad had sculpted her up I knew we had to have her.
    The Sculptdude

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    I like her, reckon Mr Hockley could do a nice job on her
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