Finished Gendrick the Bard. He took me about 8-9 hours total, mostly cause I just kept fiddling with the little bits, so I call him a "semi-speedpaint" and call him good at a bit above tabletop standard. He was done for one of my 5E players who loves to rock out on the lute. I added a crossbow to his base and a small quiver of bolts to his back.

Manuafacturer: Reaper (SKU# 03485 - Alfred Redlute)
Material: Pewter
Sculptor: Bob Ridolfi

As always, C&C are greatly appreciated and welcomed! Thanks for looking.

Gendrick the bard dropped his crossbow and started to strum a valiant tune on his red lute when his friends got into a tavern brawl, he inspired them to victory!

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