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Thread: Shake Your Brush - NMM Tutorial by GeOrc

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    Shake Your Brush - NMM Tutorial by GeOrc

    Hi everybody, Shake Your Brush presents our first NMM workshop by GeOrc!

    Please feel free to head on over to our FB page (via the link below) or and check it out.

    Just drop me a PM if you have questions, and I will be happy to help out best as I can.

    I know this is in Australia, but if you can come along, we would be happy to host you, and show you the sights! Just drop us a note and we will try and arrange things with you.

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    This was asked in another forum, so I will repeat my response:

    - The workshop price is all-inclusive EXCEPT dinner and transport. Accommodation, food, the model to be painted, facilities rental, etc.
    - If you require transport, contact us, and we'll help you out.
    - Facilities are full conferencing, which include live video (like a cooking show), and an open stage where you can crowd around GeOrc and see what he is doing.



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