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Thread: foldio lightbox

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    foldio lightbox

    I saw this referenced on the A Wyrd Place facebook group. Looks pretty neat.

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    It is rather useful. I've got one, and if you intend to use it for miniature photography, I'd suggest getting the dual LED strips version.

    I like to because it is highly compact, and very easy to move around.

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    thats really clever. Seems a tad expensive for what it is though? Looks a pretty cheap build
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    I got one a while ago - it's great. I don't think there's quite enough light coming from the LEDs (I got the dual one), so I do have another light going at the same time, but definitely my pictures are better (not by much ;) ).

    It's the compact and convenient nature of the thing that makes it a winner though.

    As for the sturdiness - it's stronger than you think (plastic build) and seems pretty strong really.

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    I bought one a few weeks ago after seeing it in a youtube video. It fit my need of an all in one lightbox which I had to provide nothing but the batteries.

    I love it, it has really helped me with taking my photos which up to then sucked like a sucky thing.

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    I'd like one, but its probably fairly far down on my wishlist.
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    a review of the Foldio lightbox:
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