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Thread: bmac's WIPs

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    bmac's WIPs

    Hi Guys,

    So I started to attempt to get something done for the WAMPED VI comp.... unfortunately I allowed other things to get in the road (a story I'm sure we are all familiar with). So turning a "failing" into an opportunity to learn with input from the community, I have chosen to do a WIP.

    It is the Skaven Warlord from the 2011 GW Gamesday.

    I want to paint it in a Dark kind of mood suitable for a "good" army piece.

    I am using it red as I already have some Stormvermin from ages ago. Red was used in that.

    The base red mix was Khorne Red mixed with Eshin Grey.
    The layering is building back up to Khorne Red.

    Flesh bits I have used is Bugman's Glow and Steel Legion Drab. I intend to build it back up to Bugman's Glow.

    I have used an lamp on an angle to help with light source that I want to use. I took a photo with that light on the black undercoat.

    The ambient lighting is not strong enough for a photo without the lamp on...

    For the metal areas I'll be using Warplock Bronze and Brass. The Warpstone Orbs will be a Caliban Green built up to Moot Green with touches of Flash Gitz Yellow. The main blade will be a Dark Iron.

    I haven't decided on the cloth bit yet...
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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Brambleten
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    Great start dude, look forward to seeing more!



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