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Thread: Pete's Wip's and chains

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    It's been seriously rainy here for the past two weeks. It sucks, but I'm getting a fair amount of hobby time in. I Also watched some classics for inspiration while painting.

    I dug out the city terrain box and set it all to see what had survived the move to the house.
    Found this roofless church that I build a roof and new tower for. My entent will be to have a full 3x4 table at some point. Long way to go.

    I also reworked the black two story building im calling the compound. Built stairs and Internet walls. Also added some plates to a broken remote control helicopter, coz what crime boss doesn't have a helicopter on the roof?

    All of of the roofs come off and all of the doors open and close.
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    Does the collector's version of pulp fiction have a lot more added? Your buildings are cool!
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    that looks sweet.
    damn that boss. has a helicopter, a big rig and I'm guessing the yellow porsche is his as well?
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