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Thread: Donald's WIP

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    Donald's WIP

    I thought I'd go ahead and start a WIP thread here.
    I've been working a little on an entry for the Avatars of War contest. I am making a small vignette with two figures. I've got one of them close to finished.
    Here it is - This is the Dark Elf Sorceress. I am debating whether or not to keep the boots red...


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    I think the red boots work OK, actually. They're analogous with the body, so that the focal point remains on the head and hair. As a matter of fact, the white-blue gradation, along with the sculpt itself, makes for a pretty effective, if not powerful, focal point.

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    Thanks. Yes, I think I will keep the red boots. The figure came with several more flames like the one in her hands, and I was planning on putting them around her feet. So the red will be a nice contrast with the flames.

    This is the base I made. I think it turned out nice enough. But it really is a bit 'off' in the scale when I put the Avatars of War figures on there. This technique will probably be more effective with smaller scale figures. I think I will try it for a 1/72 scale diorama I am planning.

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    Well, I got it finished up and submitted to the contest gallery. I even have one day to spare, so that's unusual ;)

    It turned out ok, but I think it looked better in my mind when I was planning it. Maybe I should have put them in a totally different setting, like a more modern place, with Black Shadow jumping down off a set of stairs or something. But I guess this works too. The way the pictures turned out, I don't think it is very clear that the Black Shadow figure is 'suspended in mid air'. ;)

    Also, I hope there are no rules against cheesy Photoshop jobs, because I added a photo background to one of the pictures. :P

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    Damn, she looks cool! Though she looks more like an elemental sorceress of some kind rather than your typical dark elf
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