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Thread: Khonner's finished Resurrectionists

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    Khonner's finished Resurrectionists

    Here are a few of my Resurrectionists that I have completed today. They were pretty fun to paint. C&C welcomed.. Let me know what you all think.. Thanks.

    Dr. McMourning:


    Flesh Construct:

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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    Hi there, Frank. These guys certainly look gruesome. In a good way!

    The blood in particular looks convincing, stain-marks and splatter and gore -- bleah! I like the variation in skin tone on the Flesh Construct. For the clothes, I suggest seeking a middle ground between McMourning's trousers and Sebastian's tunic. McMourning has a heavy wash that pools and stains a little bit. Sebastian is somewhat monotone. Try adding a touch of matte medium to your wash, when you're covering broad areas that lack sharp recesses. The matte medium will enable you to control the pooling and prevent tide-marks, by more evenly distributing the pigment. Just use a little bit, though. Too much, and the paint will become glossy, to the point that other layers will bead on it. I learned that the hard way! If that happens, spray the figure with a light coat of matte varnish and continue on.

    Good work! I wish my opponents on Malifaux Monday would paint their figures to your standard!

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    I like the colourscheme. If I am honest though I think you need to change your painting style a little to push to the next level. Washes are great but dont use them as a lazy way to get results. I use them a lot but its in tandem with blending/layering. when appyling a wash use a little less then reset your midtone and build up your highlights from there. It will give you a much smoother look.

    A good technique for blood splatter is a little applied to a toothbrush then run yur finger along the tooth brush. It sprays it onto the mini nicely
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    I appreciate the advice. I definately need more work with blending/glazing. I will put more effort into that with the next one.

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    Nice work, I like the look of sebastian.



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