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Thread: thetang22's trade list

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    thetang22's trade list

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)


    Super Dungeon Explore - King Starfire, Captain R, Kaelly Nether Assassin
    Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - any of the expansion sets

    Hybrid Boardgame - the box is in moderately used condition, but all the contents inside are in good condition. The minis are assembled.
    Griffin - Inquisitor 1 (NIB)
    Griffin - Misericord (blister has been opened, but it's still basically NIB)
    Dirz - 3 Hybrid Clones (bare metal and unassembled, with cards)
    Dirz - Ysis
    Dirz - 3 Dawn Warriors
    Wolfen - 4 Fang Warriors (2 primed, 2 bare metal)
    Wolfen - 2 Onyx the Prowler (1 primed, 1 bare metal)
    Sessairs/Drune - Enoch the Elementalist (assembled, no paint, with cards)
    Sessairs - Kelt Minotaur 1 (no cards, painted and based from previous owner)
    Sessairs - Kelt Minotaur 2 (no cards, painted and based from previous owner)
    Cadwallon - 6 Militia Men (bare metal, pinned but not glued, w/cards)
    Cadwallon - Aiona (LE, NIB)
    Ophidian - S'ygma (partially assembled, still have box)
    Elementals - 3 Sparklings (bare metal, unassembled, no cards)
    Elementals - Fire Elemental (no cards, painted and based from previous owner)

    *To the best of my knowledge, any listed characters include all cards associated with them unless noted otherwise*

    *Cards Only (English) - Universal Litany, Syn Assyris, Ysis, Sentinel of Danakil, Pest of Flesh, Griffin Minelayer, Pythia of Azel, Gwenlaen the Ever-Proud, Reaper of Alahan

    *Cards Only (French) - Water Familiar, Earth Familiar, Kaeliss the Silent, Morbid Angel x2, Razheem the Insane, Sykho Volesterus, Sered Templar Commander, Priestess of Steel, Forge Guardian, Bard of Alahan, Meliador the Celestial, The Red Lioness (1st Incarnation, Arakan the Duelist (1st Incarnation), Darkness Hunter, Black Troll, Melmoth Crane Warrior, Thermo-Priest, Dwarf Bombadier, Cron the Undefeated, Strom Warrior with Guisarme

    30mm Victorian bases (opened blister)
    Victorian base accessories (opened blister, cat missing)

    10 Tyranid Genestealers (plastic, out of print version, they are unpainted, but in used condition)

    Lord of the Rings
    Aragorn the King (Mounted)
    The Shire: Gollum and Sam
    Grishnak blister: Pippin

    Lucrezzia Belladonna (includes Lucrezzia on saddle, and custom horse head, but missing generic horse body)
    High Queen Khalida
    Grimgor Ironhide
    Marco Columbo (LE out of print)
    Wood Elf Dragon Rider (just rider on seat...not the dragon...out of production I think)
    Mounted High Elf Mage (older version)
    Skaven Clanrat (old version)
    Dark Elf Witch Elf (old version)

    Reaper metals
    02796 Ilsa Darkstep, Thief
    02852 Buck Ronan, Monk (has some greenstuff on the base to look like wood planks)
    02849 Loryn Stormblade, Elf
    03001 Phoenix
    14018 Arnise, Half Elf Warrior (Warlord)
    14053 Kaena, Banshee (Warlord)
    02706 Clay Golem (has a little greenstuff on him to make him look like Titan, from Final Fantasy)
    02859 Melisande Wavecutter
    02711 Amiryth Elmlighter
    02483 Mangu Timur
    02700 Tox
    02807 Lamann, Sorcerer

    Super Dungeon Explore
    Metal Heroes - 5 original heroes painted nicely -
    Metal Promo Ember Mage - painted nicely -

    Sedition Wars
    Full Biohazard Kickstarter + terrain, Firefly crew, Niven Banks, and Dr. Hexen Phaedrus (all NIB)

    Board/Card Games
    Munchkin Quest
    Pictionary Man
    Cir Kis

    Thanks for looking,

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