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Thread: 2014 World miniature expo - Stresa, Italy

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    2014 World miniature expo - Stresa, Italy

    Hey guys,

    I'm just curious if anyone from WAMP is going to this? It's held every 3 years, in a different place each time (think of it as the Olympics of the miniature world!!). It attracts the absolute top painters from around the world. If anyone wants more info you can find it here:

    We're going this year for the first time - really looking forward to it. So, is anyone from WAMP headling along to this?

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    Man, it is on my list of things. I think I will plan for the 2017 outing once it is announced. It looks like an amazing event.
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    I was there... :) More than 8000 models with more than 900 partecipats (seems a record for the World Model Expo...). I got the silver medal in Sci-Fi category And this is my display Here some photos form the Expo:

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    yay! Way to go Webmax. Got a pic of your entry?

    Would love to go one year to this, the pics are always stunning, must be mind blowing in real life
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    This is my display:

    But in the Official Palmares the Silver is gone to the Dust Tactics - Flamm-Luther (just behind the Sentinel)

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    The best thing my mates & I have done:

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