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Thread: Da Clash! is now available!

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    Da Clash! is now available!

    Da Clash! is finally available for sale!

    “Faster than a tequila shot, make your foe bite the dust in Da Clash! The weird wrestling boardgame for 2 players from 12 to the grave!”

    Description of the game
    -Infinite tactics and combinations
    -Fast paced and crazy game
    -Amazing and weird looking fighters
    -2 players
    -Ages 12 and up
    -15-30 minutes

    And it does not come alone!

    it comes with a superb resin ring where you can beat up your opponents :

    ...and custom dice filled with luck to lead your fighters to victory!

    Remember that 20+ miniatures of fighters with their own profile are already available!

    And to finish, just some pictures of the last match, featuring Norbit, Baby Demon, Pr. Minus and Teddy fear!

    So now...Get in the ring!

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    I think I may be visiting your stand at Salute again!

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    looks brilliant! Much better than that WWE crap!
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    the first photo in the set of 4 at the bottom looks like the green dude is flippin the bird to the mad Prof lol

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    I have a copy, and I highly recommend it. It's great fun little game to play and the minis are really nice
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