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Thread: Busts with character: A multi-player challenge!

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    This is what I'm going for.

    Sheriff Justice from Masquerade minis. Sadly it seems to be out of production now which is a crying shame. I'm very glad I got DL to get me one when I had the chance.
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    this is Norm's bus:

    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint

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    Did ya sneeze on it? Its all green and manky lol that big eye looks way incomfortable lol its gonna blooooow!!!
    Im not gonna say I like it coz the smack talk has started!! Is this your bus indeed !! Pffft lol

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    I like to French Kiss Racoons
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    Great way to start us off DL! Looks pretty sweet. That eye is just uncomfortable to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undave View Post
    We'll start a poll when we get to the deadline and get the rest of Wamp to vote for their favourite.
    Undave!! Ive just had a thought!! as the usual voters on WAMP will be painting busts who will be voting LMAO!!

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    This is what Im doing!! its on its way dispatched yesterday


    its got a bit more Character than my first bust!! but not too complex for my skill level but I do want to do a mega sized bust one day!!

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    I think Undave is right, this would be something good for portal...

    As for me, not sure I've actually got a bust to paint, especially as I just finished Gronk and have far too much else on! I have got The Basement's Minotaur somewhere though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normski View Post
    Undave!! Ive just had a thought!! as the usual voters on WAMP will be painting busts who will be voting LMAO!!
    I'll not take part, thus letting me sit on the sidelines and vote in the poll. Does that help at all? ;)

    Good luck guys
    The Chilling Network - home of #nonstopwargaming :)

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    Sparks mate DO IT!!!! also why not link the release of the new WAMP bust with the Bust Up lol

    Bramble mate!! ya will need to vote for everyone at least once then a final round of voting to pick a winner lol


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