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Thread: Airbrush - what to get?

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    Airbrush - what to get?

    Hi guys and guyesses,

    I've been thinking about adding airbrushing to my toolbox. But what to get? I've read a lot of articles, surfed the web, and though it seems iwata and paasche have some pretty good models, I still feel kinda lost. There are just so many models, and I would need a complete set-up with compressor, hose, adjustable nozzle as well as gravity fed airbrush.

    I'd like to buy something I can enjoy trying out on different things from priming, speeding up basecoating of units for gaming to trying it out on scenery and different kinds of minis for display for that matter. It must work for me as a beginner, but also when I'm getting more experienced, so I'm not looking for too much of a budget set. The compressor should be reasonably silent as well..

    I'm currently thinking I should be able to get something that could fit my needs reasonably well for around £300-350. But if I need to push it a bit more, it's ok.

    Can any of you with some airbrush experience propose a few viable combinations for me that would fit my needs? I would appreciate a full overview of all components I need (apart from paints) and what types/ brands you consider will fit the bill the most.


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    I've not got a huge amount of experience but I can say that I bought a reasonably cheap airbrush first and it basically put me off airbrushing. then I decided to give it one last try and bought a harder and Steinbeck infinity and I've never looked back! I would definitely go for something along those lines as the cheaper ones are a false economy and will put you off using one!

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    I have this package and for the most part love it. I don't use it nearly as much as I thought I would, and I actually use it more for non-mini related projects, but they are fun to own for sure. I had an issue with my compressor right out of the box, but luckilly for me the Iwata warehouse is here in Portland and they invited me over to fix it. Super nice biker/hippy guy showed me around the shop and replaced the part that was bad. So while it was a super bummer day one, day two was really cool and informative and I got to watch him take it apart and tell me about all the parts and such. Never had an issue since.

    I have no experience besides this kit, but it's pretty sweet! The videos they include are pretty dorky fun as well but informative. Especially on basics so you don't start with bad habits.
    Iwata Airbrush Deluxe Set

    Kit Includes:

    • Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Compressor (automatic shutoff)
    • Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush
    • Iwata Airbrush Hose
    • Airbrush from Scratch DVD by Raphael Schnepf
    • Artool Freehand Instructional DVD By Eddie Young
    • Artool Freehand Template (FH-2)
    • The Freehand Airbrush Template video
    • 10 bottles of Medea Com-Art Colors
    • 8 oz. bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner

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    On Orki's advice, I picked up a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2-in-1, and have been extremely happy with it. Note that I've only been using the larger needle it comes with... the smaller one would be more prone to clogging if your paint is too thick. It's not a budget model, but it's been easy for me as a beginner to use, and isn't supposed to let me down as I get more experienced. (link: )

    For the compressor, I picked up a relatively inexpensive dual-piston one with a tank from airbrush depot/tcpglobal, but not so happy with it's pressure regulator or filter, so i've added my own filter inline, and a 2nd pressure regulator at the base of the airbrush. curiously enough, I no longer see it listed on their site, but it's not one i'd highly recommend anyway. (it is quiet enough, and no sputtering... just the filter/pressure valve issue, so I'll continue using it)
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    Well look who came back out of the shadows... Nice to hear from you KD!

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    @ kd welcome back buddy, good to see you still with us :D

    @ Neatpete, I have the eclipse, very easy to use and widely known as a good entry level airbrush. I spent a while learning how to take it apart and reassemble it and I've used it a few times to great effect (nothing intricate) it is capable of fine detail for those who get the hang of it too. I still spend more time cleaning it than using it but that should get better with experience. A good investment for you for sure considering the troops you already knockout by hand. I predict some special things coming from the Neatpete stables this year!
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    you may want to get 1 super cheap crappy china made airbrush just for primer ..

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    I intend to get an airbrush within the near future too, but as I'm on a budget, I will probably end up with one of the cheap no-name ones. Actually they aren't that bad. I had one the last time I painted, which admittedly broke, so that's one strike against a cheap one. Nevertheless it was fine for priming and pre-shading, which will be my primary use at first.

    In my opinion the main things to look for is a compressor that has an air tank, which means it won't have to run continuously and an airbrush that has a top cup and is dual action. A good size needle is a 0.2, which is fairly good for both priming and some detail.

    Of course, the more money you spend, the better stuff you generally get, so if you have the cash get an Iwata, Badger, or H&S airbrush.
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    Thanks guys, The feedback has been great, so I have now a better idea of what to get :)
    If someone still have input, I welcome it, if not I should start planning where to source from..
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    Hi all,

    first of all, sorry for my crappy English.

    I'm also thinking about getting into airbrushing, but my main worries are about noisy compressors. I'm gonna use it mainly at night and that means it must be quite slient. I don't give a thing about what manufacturers call ´silent´so I would need some first hand experience.

    What compressor would you recommend me having into account what I have told you?


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