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Thread: Eslo Terrain - New Releases

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    Eslo Terrain - New Releases

    New realeases from eslo terrain:

    Scenery (ready-to-play):
    for 25-30mm:
    0226 Field with heap of straw 19.95 EUR0227 Wood with stone tomb 11.95 EUR
    for 20mm:
    172012 City house ruin 29.95 EUR
    for 15mm:
    015048 German woodhouse 32.95 EUR
    All of our scenery is handmade, hand-painted, ready-to-play, and packed in cartons.

    We have also added some pictures from our custom work to the website:

    titan base
    Mars landscape
    AT-43 sci-fi promo board
    and many more...
    Available for Commissions Like my Facebook Page: Brett Johnson Designs

    Shop at the Wampstore Wamp Corporate

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    the hairball is classic!



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