I picked up these rules on pre-order and they arrived this week I have had a good read through and think it will be a great simple game that me and my Dad are going to have great fun with. I can already see them working for NWF and Sudan

build force like SAGA
character free
1 pts gets 12foot/9mtd recruits
8foot/6mtd drilled
4foot/3mtd elite
units then made up min 3 max 12
all is done on dice rolls recruit D6 drilled D8 elite D10 and hero/character D12
to hit 6+ close order troops get +1 but can only shoot ahead all else shoot 360
cover if you are in it get a save wood 6+ wall 5+ building 4+
combat hit 6+ charger first ( a few weapon mods) long sword or shield armed can parry 6+
card driven but just use a card deck and each side is a suit and each unit a number extra cards for reload turn end card
can be almost a roleplay with a GM any skills test is s 5+ to succeed