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Thread: Grekwood Miniatures (and Accessories)

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    Grekwood Miniatures (and Accessories)

    New-ish UK company (Since mid 2012) selling 28mm miniatures and a number of accessories.

    Figures cover mainly Sci-fi and Fantasy, but there are some historical miniatures. We sell both metal and plastic figures.

    Some accessories include: PDF buildings, zombie rules (free!), scenic items, paints, brushes and loads more...



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    good selection.

    Must say its a lovely tribute to your brother, sure he would love it
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    I knew Gareth over on FB, being a Dr Who/Torchwood fan. Some minis there I've been meaning to grab so I'll pop over and do so and get that tribute mini too.
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    Some great stuff there! Love the hospital beds and themed zombies.

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