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Thread: what would your ideal job be?

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    what would your ideal job be?

    Following on from DL's "what's your job" thread... What would you like to be working as if you weren't doing what you do?

    I'd probably still be in horticulture but in a more crop production based capacity. I.e. Growing veg etc and selling them/making produce to sell (a la river cottage).

    otherwise, id love to work in/ own a model shop where i can paint and play games all day! (gw wont have me for some reason! :( )

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    Chairman of a large investment bank - for 1 week.
    I would make a horrible mess of things and inadvertently give lots of profits to good causes, then be ousted by a vote of no confidence and retire on my 7 or 8 figure golden egg...
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    Assuming that you also got the talent required for the dream job, it would have to be figure sculptor.

    It's also what I plan to do when I win the lottery

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    No caveats. So yeah, anything goes!

    steam locomotive,driver/fireman would be up there too! And pilot!

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    This is tough. I'm the type of person that would get sick of anything in a year. I'm nervous to say anything hobby related because once it becomes a job, you begin to lose passion for it. May just be me though.

    I always wanted to be an architect and build those scale models for the new airport. Got weeded out first year of architect school though. Way to stick with it Pete!

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    Hmm.. realistically, a cultural secretary, for some reason I find administrative tasks quite fun and working with cultural organizations is something I've wanted to do for quite some time.

    Or I can just be filthy rich or something ;)


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