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Thread: First steps in the wondrous world of sculpting

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    I like to French Kiss Racoons
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    That is an awesome sculpt! Any plans to cast it? Would love a copy.

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    Thanks both!

    Darklord - I indeed hoped to do something a bit different. There's other stories to be told than warfare, and only few miniatures do so, I think.

    NeatPete - I haven't really thought about it... I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to, as the anatomy sculpt is not mine, and property of Maow. If there's more interest I could surely check, though. Regardless, it's high praise if someone would actually like to paint my sculpt.
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    and I think that sculpt is retailing soon (The nude one not yours) along with several others with both clothed, swimwear and naked versions of each, I have a few coming into stock soon
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