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Thread: body modification painting

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    The lump on your wrist is called a ganglion cyst or "bible bump" as, in the old days, they used to smash them with something heavy like the family bible to make them go away. I've got one too but apparently they aren't worth the surgery to get rid of them as they just come back.
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    How about tiny cuts all over the fingers from sanding and trimming? And why does the superglue always want to get under my nails?

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    What I thought was a bruise on my left trigger finger has lasted for the past couple of months may apparently be arthritis. Certainly not helped by xbox and the way I hold minis sometimes. Other than that I haven't really done any damage to myself painting or modelling.
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    Hey Ive got a callus on my flippin the bird finger! also from writing and it does irritate me so I nibble it off like a crazed hamster lol


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