We've another guide out!


This 44 page PDF details everything you need to know about Ulysses Argo and his mechanical creations. Fuelled by a deep hatred of humanity, Argo uses his robotic minions to wage war against mankind. The rules, background, behind the scenes info and stats are all here so you can get them into 7TV without having to know all that annoying machine code.

This PDF is available for immediate download unless you also include physical products in your cart when you checkout. This PDF comes with a 2 off code which can be combined with the codes in the S.H.I.V.A. and United Radionics PDFs, for a total of up to 6 off the Villainous Programme Guide (combining all 3 villainous PG) , which will be released in print in late 2013.

Packed full of lovely terrain courtesy of Paul 'Overlord' Smith, painted figs from Kev, Dags and Simon Bradley and a special Tripod build by Andy Maclachlan - all photographed by Mr Kevin Dallimore.