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Thread: [Guild of Harmony] Steampunk Arielle!

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    [Guild of Harmony] Steampunk Arielle!

    Hi guys :)

    A new release available for the Guild of Harmony 32mm steampunk range today: Steampunk Arielle is now available in resin at the Guild of Harmony online store.

    Hailing from the windswept North Atlantic coast, Arielle has always felt a deep affinity with the sea. This nautical connection has sparked late-night tavern lore that Arielle, in fact, comes from the sea itself; a conjecture that Arielle mischievously enjoys cultivating.

    Steampunk Arielle is a 32mm limited resin figure. This first edition is limited to 300 resin copies, after which the figure will move to metal.

    A special thank you to my friends Weisern Loh and Mark Soley - they are responsible for this idea, and Mark did a cool concept sketch which was the 'springboard' for me to create this figure :)

    I also have two more pieces of news!

    First: I have reduced the price of all the older figures in my online store - the standard price of the non-steampunk figures is now only AUD$9.95.

    The second big, exciting piece of news is this: Arielle is actually a precursor to a major new project I currently have in development, in partnership with some friends who are also heavily involved in the industry. For this reason, I have given up commission work (with the exception of some prior commitments) so that I can devote myself exclusively to sculpting for this new project, and I already have some great new miniatures ready - I think they are my best work to date! It is very exciting to be involved in something big, for which I am working for myself rather than under commission, and I can't wait to reveal more - there may be some sneak peeks coming up at some point in the near future, so stay tuned!

  2. Loving your work These users all liked this awesome post:: Darklord,Demonn,vegascat
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    She is an absolute stunner Seb. Your steampunk range is in my opinion one of the best ranges of sculpts you can buy.

    Awesome work sir
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    Absolutely awesome Seb !
    Can' t wait to receive mine

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    Yup, saw her this morning, and immediately ordered one. Best piece I've seen from you I think...and whilst I'm very happy about your big projects, I'm gutted too, as I was just about to send an email your way regarding a project!

    Oh well :)

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    Likewise to Joek, I ordered it the second I saw it. And just as Darklord, Seb's steampunk range that is developing is one among the finest for sure. :)

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    Thanks very much for the kind comments, guys! You're always really nice to me here on Wamp :)

    Great to hear that you like Arielle!

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    Seb! looks like your gonna be busy down the post office!! just put an order in myself!! instant WOW factor from me!!

    your other Steampunk stuff is on my list too!! awesome stuff!!

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    She's beautiful
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    awesome! loving it!
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    I've been away from the hobby for a little while, but this mini will bring me back it looks like! It gave me a diorama idea immediately – so naturally I bought one immediately :)


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