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Thread: Darklands Painting Contest 2013

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    Chief Cabana Wendy's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Michigan, USA
    So no Banelords then?

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    @ Andy 2 + minis will make a unit as long as one of them is a command figure ie: Standard, muso or a champion. Though in the case of 2 entrants with equal painting ability/theme/basing etc we would look more favourable on a full (5+) unit.

    @ Wendy - no BaneLords/Beasts for this competition. Just models that are game-legal in Darklands. as most of the Banelegions range was integrated into Darklands it's just a dozen or so miniatures from the Mierce range that will be excluded. (basically anything listed under 'Darklands' is fine, anything under 'Banelegions' isn't)

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    Cheers Tim. I think you know what I'll be aiming for! ;-)

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    I got Ckaarakk (minotaur warlord) and vilthiss (champion of khthon). these are both "single minis" right?

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    That's right - both would be fine for the single model section.

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    Lots of models coming my way, looking forward to holding all that resin in my hands... precious...

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    I assume that it would be okey to build a unit from the brutes, even though they don't include a musician, standard bearer or champion?

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    Time to assault Gwyddol with a paint brush :)
    "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry."

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    @ Grefven Gulgutta is the Brute champion. He's the only Brute that the Ys-ians got right! All the others have some form of malformity/mutation.


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