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Thread: Greetings from Vancouver, Canada

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    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada

    I've finally decided to take the plunge and join WAMP. Couldn't help myself, really. I've read every Portal since I discovered it about a year ago. Also finally started posting a bit on the CMoN forums as well, even though I hadn't posted any minis up since 2005.

    Anyway, I guess my story is the same as many other new WAMP-ers. I used to paint a bit back in the day (quite a bit actually), then got really burnt out and didn't pick up a brush for a number of years. A year ago, I attended several of Mathieu Fontaine's Masterclass painting clinics when a friend of mine had him flown out to Vancouver from his home province of Quebec. That was quite the eye-opener, and it really got me fired up to paint again.

    That being said, much has changed in this hobby / art form since I was last obsessed with it. I feel like I'm trying to play a game of catch-up, but it's been all the easier due to the open nature of most miniature painters. "Back in my day", blogs were unheard of, we all had to reverse-engineer (ie guess) techniques by looking at pics in White Dwarf, and you were lucky if you happened to belong to a Yahoo group that discussed the finer points of blending.

    I just want to soak it all in, let the paint fly in wild abandon, and really push myself to see what I can achieve. The first step was to put aside any ego that came from starting painting back when Mike McVey was a baby-faced junior member of Eavy Metal. The stuff people are producing nowadays simply blows my mind, and I am awed and humbled by it all.

    Oh, and I also started a blog of my own:

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    welcome to the wampness Kelly
    "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

    "'ve done things with Blood Bowl Orcs that I wouldn't have thought possible. Certainly wouldn't have thought they were sensible!..." - Lobo, Iron Painter 8 competition

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    Welcome Kelly. A painting clinic sounds amazing. I will throw a sickie and tell the boss im off to spend the week at Mathieu Fontaine's clinic...sigh. Sorry off the track a bit there, Welcome and will be brilliant to have you share your work with us as we will with you :)
    "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry."

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    Welcome Kelly nice to see another West Coaster, I'm over in Chilliwack. Being I'm so close and have been looking for some workshops perhaps we can get together and you can help me improve with both air and sable. Let me know.


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    Welcome aboard. Always nice to get more Can-con on the forum!
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    Thanks guys. I'll do my best to behave myself while on the forums... if I type something wacky, let's just blame it on the thinner fumes from all the experimenting I've been doing with oils lately.

    Rowdy, I've been running a few painting clinics at GottaCon in Victoria every year, and judged the last painting competition there too. If you ever thought about visiting the island, that might be a good time. The Salute convention hosted by the Vancouver Trumpeter gaming club just finished up in Burnaby recently. It's also a pretty good crowd, and I'm considering approaching them to see what painting events we can run there too.

    It's unfortunate that there is very little in the way of painting events on the Wet Coast. I look at all the blogs from the Europeans, and it seems like they have major painting competitions and clinics just about every other week. It's enough to make one cry from envy. No wonder the level of painting there is so high.

    Phatkid, if you EVER get a chance to attend one of Mathieu Fontaine's painting clinics, I heartedly recommend it. He's not only a fantastic artist, but he's a fantastic teacher as well. He seems a bit overly cynical and abrasive at first, but then I realized that it was because Quebecois are a little different than the rest of us Canadians. They don't try as hard to avoid offending anyone. LOL. After the first hour, we were all joking and having tons of fun, while constantly picking up our jaws from the floor in awe. The way he explains the theories and reasoning behind all the decisions the top painters make, and the mechanics of how certain paints and painting techniques work... it's pretty amazing.

    In any case, I'm currently trying to refine my wet blending skills, progressive glazing, weathering, and use of an airbrush and oil paints (though not together). It's been frustrating as all heck, and incredibly time consuming, but whenever there's a breakthrough moment, it's very rewarding.

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    I would be happy to make the trip to Victoria or Vancouver, will keep an eye on upcoming events or you can give me a heads up if you hear of anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Kim View Post
    It's unfortunate that there is very little in the way of painting events on the Wet Coast.

    Having grown up just south of you in Washington, I know the above "wet coast" isn't a typo. :D Though the last time I was in Vancouver was Feb of 2010 and it was sunny and warm - absolutely gorgeous. It was weird. :D

    That problem is pretty much the case on the whole of North America because everyone is so spread out. The internet has certainly helped a ton in that regard, but nothing really beats face to face interaction and watching someone paint or sculpt. Europeans just don't have as far to travel, plus they do put on more classes than we do yeah, they're pretty darn good. :)


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