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Thread: Painting Crusade X (Brussels, Belgium)

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    Painting Crusade X (Brussels, Belgium)

    Last weekend Painting Crusade was held in Brussels. Even more painters from all over Europe gathered for a fierce competition and a nice day. To give you an idea: the jury was made up out of Roman Lappat (Massive Voodoo), Cyril Abati (Cyril) and Rafael Garcia Marin (Volomir).

    More information:

    I brought home two trophies: bronze in the standard category and silver in the special category (which was for last year's exclusive figure).

    Full report is coming, in the meantime here's a YouTube video I made (best viewed on YouTube in 1080p)

    my minis with their trophies:

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    Congrats on the trophies!! you must be so proud!! Dark Vlad looks lovely!! cant quite make the little blue fella out and the gas mask guy looks cool too!! will pop over to your blog to see if there are closer pics

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    Thank you Normski! I think I will still have to put that gas mask kid in the gallery... better make work of that ;)

    Anyways the full event coverage is online! ->

    best of show:

    gold in master:

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    Just been through your blog! It looked like a really cool event!! and there was some awesome Paint Jobs!! You did very well to get your trophies fella Well done again!!



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