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Thread: The Wampstore


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    The Wampstore

    This is the official thread for news from The Wampstore.
    All stock updates, new ranges and the like will be put here so subscribe to this thread if you wish to keep up to date.

    You can really help out the store by liking us on Facebook or Google+

    The wampstore Facebook page can be found here:

    Our google+ page is here:

    Wampstore G+ page

    It really does help the store to grow if you can.

    Don't Forget we runa store tock scheme where you can save money of new ranges. details via the link:

    Store stock scheme

    The Aim of the Wampstore is to create a comphrehensive online store aimed at Miniature Painters. We endeavour to support the smaller high quality companies. We never undercut their own prizes. We are here to support them not undermine them! Our focus is on a quality service that is reliable. We only allow purchases on products that we physically hold in stock. No waiting 2 weeks while we order your order!!

    Don't forget if you register to the store you receive reward points on every purchase - You are free to spend these against any product in the store.
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    Available for Commissions Like my Facebook Page: Brett Johnson Designs

    Shop at the Wampstore Wamp Corporate



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