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Thread: Wampstore: Statuesque Miniatures Pre-order

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    Wampstore: Statuesque Miniatures Pre-order

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that The Wampstore will become the worlds first retailer of Statuesque Miniatures!!

    Statuesque produce some cracking miniatures and they are great for painters to work their magic on.

    To celebrate we are laying on a special offer.

    If anyone would like to pre order any statuesque products ready for our first stock order we will give you 10% off them. We ask for no money up front just let me know which products you would like. We will order them in and you can then order and pay from the store.

    This offer is limited to the initial order we place and only for products you ask for beforehand.

    You can find all of the products here:

    Statuesque products

    They are really nice miniatures and Andrew Rae does a cracking job sculpting them. He is a fellow Wamper so its great to be able to help support one of our own.

    there is no value limit to any pre order promise you make, it can be as little or as much as you like.
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    Due to Iacton's wonderful SOE Girls paint job - I ordered the same four from Wamp Store.

    >>>>> Iacton's gallery - showing each girl close up <<<<<

    quick screenshot of Iacton's group shot:
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    Some really cool minis that are fairly inexpensive! ::adds to wishlist::
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