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Thread: The Wamp Awards 2012 - The Results


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    The Wamp Awards 2012 - The Results

    Wamp Awards 2012.png

    Welcome to the glitziest awards ceremony this side of the Oscars. Expect excitement, joy, disappointment and 10 minute long tear laden speeches as winners thank their mum god and the school dinner lady!
    The aim of the Wamp Awards is to give recognition to the things in our hobby that really help push it forward, be that a product, person or event. Our hobby is filled with so much quality that whittling down to the select few is a tough task in itself. indeed just making the final 5 nominees in a category represents a real achievement and one that all nominees should be very proud of.

    To find our winners we took the vote to the public and you lovely people have been helping pick our deserved winners. So without further ado lets reveal the winners!

    Best Product

    Winner: Vallejo Model Color

    2nd: Milliput
    3rd: Reaper Master Series Paint

    Best Event

    Winner: Salute
    2nd: Gencon
    3rd: Euromilitaire

    Best Publication

    Winner: Portal
    2nd: Ravage
    3rd: Game Forces

    Best Miniature Range

    Winner: Malifaux (Wyrd Miniatures)
    2nd: Kingdom Death
    3rd: Marvel (Knight Models)

    Best Blog

    Winner:Massive Voodoo
    2nd: Volomirs Blog
    3rd: Coloured Dust

    Best Historical Sculpt

    Winner: Lakota Chief Warrior (Pegaso)

    2nd:Viking on Horseback (Andrea)
    3rd: British Official - (JMD)

    Best Steampunk Sculpt

    Winner: Steampunk Tinkerbelle - Sebastian Archer
    (Guild of Harmony)

    2nd: Steampunk Alice - Sebastian Archer (Guild of Harmony)
    3rd: Dr Watson - MIKH (Infamy miniatures)

    Best Sci-Fi Sculpt

    Winner: Nikkita Perostek (Studio McVey)
    2nd: Poppy Come Lately - Andrew Rae (Statuesque Miniatures)
    3rd: FDV I - Fil Dunn (Filbot)

    Best Fantasy Sculpt

    Winner:Alice - Alfonso Gozalo (Nocturna)
    2nd: 54mm Kriemhilds Revenge - Sebastian Archer (Morland Studios)
    3rd: Lion Knight - Juan Navarro Perez (Kingdom Death)

    Best Painted Historical

    Winner:Henry VIII - Alfonsito
    2nd:German Sniper stalingrad 1943 - Mauganra
    3rd:Jack The Ripper - Iguazza

    Best Painted Steampunk

    Winner:Steampunk Alice - Sebastian Archer
    2nd: Capt Amelia Steam - Morsi
    3rd: Abigale - Marike Reimer

    Best Painted Sci-Fi

    Winner: Desperate Measures - Sivousplay
    Joint 2nd:Space Wolves Relic Dreadnaught - Bohun
    Necron Overlord - Dk Suwit

    Best Painted Fantasy

    Winner: Krull - Ben Komets
    2nd: So Close - Maskians
    3rd:Farewell To The white Tower - Beren5556

    Best New Miniature Company

    Winner: Infamy
    2nd: Vesper-on
    3rd: Warploque miniatures

    Best Miniature Company

    Winner:Hasslefree Miniatures
    2nd: Kingdom Death
    3rd: Studio McVey

    So folks those are your winners and worthy champions they are I am sure you will agree. my heart felt congratulations go to our winners and we must also give homage to our other nominees. it really has been a strict process and to even make the list is a deserved accolade that rewards the outstanding quality put forth by our nominees.

    I would like to say thankyou to everyone involved in the process, from theose that gave us nominations in the first place and to those of you that have voted for our winners. I encourage you to go check out the companies and miniatures on offer, you wont be dissapointed.

    I am sure there are other companies, artists or miniatures you thought deserving that didnt make the list, in which case make sure you nominate them next time!!

    If you would like to see all the winners and other nominees you can find links to them all here:

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