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Thread: Why do we like to win casual games?

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    I don't care if I win, lose or draw. But then I don't play many "competitive" games, by which I mean those with a strict set of victory conditions such as Warhammer, FOW. Nor do I play at a club/store, it's just me and mate meet up for a weekly session in his dungeon, where we might continue our campaign, or have a casual game of whatever. Often there are no points to add up at the end of the game, and when we do play the odd game of WHFB we seldom tally points at the end, we just decide by mutual agreement which side has the better of the other.

    I would hazard a guess that this may be because we are older gamers. We both have children, boys, and they have in the past played WHFB. They were far more interested in the result, and would put great store by who won. Hissy fits and temper stomps were the order of the day. They no longer play, just the two old dads get together once a week, for a beer, a catch-up, get away from the family/work travails, toss a few dice. For those few hours, we both win.

    So it is perfectly possible to play but not play to win. You just have to get old and mellow out.

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    If there is a learning process and dynamics of the game yet to explore then I wouldnt play competitively. WH 40k is pretty basic! juck a dice see who wins!! but there are plenty of things out there that require a huge amount of brain power! for me learning is more important than winning!!

    winning can come later if it happens!!


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