Here's another card game thats been sweeping the party scene in my area. It's great because there is no board, you can come in and out of the game at will. Just a funny conversation type game.

Basically an X-rated version of Apples to Apples. Some of things on there are just terrible... and you almost feel bad for laughing at them (almost). There's a house rule that if you don't what a phase is and want to know, you have to admit you don't know it publically and someone will explain it to you.

Started with a kickstarter. Base game now retails for $30. They just did a holiday expansion that was sold online "pay what you want" all the people that entered $0 got it shipped to them but addressed to "big @$$hole". Suprisingly they ended up making $70k through this and donated it all to wikipedia. Pretty cool move from some raunchy people.

PS: Don't play this one with the mother in law or the kiddies.