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Thread: Werewolfs gallery

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    Werewolfs gallery

    Hi to one and all !

    Well here are some of my last paintjobs, a little bit of different things !

    Reapers and Rackhams minis to play Mordheim :

    Shanys the Shadow, always enjoying to paint Rackam minis

    Blood Angel terminators, from Space Hulk

    GW minis to play Nécromunda :

    Séraphicus from Dark Vengeance :

    An Eldar witch :

    And a studio paintjob for french game Eden :

    Sorry for my approximative english...



  2. Loving your work These users all liked this awesome post:: Bloodthorn,Demonn,Endor,HaWior,hobit,Jabberwocky,jason,spykeside,Ulfgrimr,Vern
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    oh these are gorgeous. Please put some in our gallery here!!
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    Wyrd bið ful aræd

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    great job Laurent!
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint

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    Thanks guys !

    gallery uploaded ( if no mistake )

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    Beautiful Miniatures. Like the strong contrast and the smooth color gradient.
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    these are excellent beautiful painting

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    Holy **** those are some nice miniatures.
    Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?

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    Oooh! Absolutely stunning work - some of the nicest figures I've seen in a very long while. It's posts like this that make me love this hobby of ours :)

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    Wonderful stuff!

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    Thanks for posting your stuff here Laurent! I consider your Miniature Mentor videos required viewing for anyone wanting to break through to a new level in painting. Love 'em!
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