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Thread: Knight Models: 30mm Batman, Arkham City

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    Knight Models: 30mm Batman, Arkham City

    After weeks of grainy b/w photos, the first lot has finally be released - horribly expensive, but you knew that anyway .... not much about the rules though

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    I love these! Less so the price, but they are Knight Models ...

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    I've got a few knight models and they aren't that great. Nice but not incredible. I understand licensing costs and all but it's strange how one model is 15, then the two cops are 15, then the pack of jokers with 4 minis is 30.

    If nothing else I love the fact that they make this stuff in 30mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeatPete View Post
    I've got a few knight models and they aren't that great.
    Too true, I'm afraid, & I really hope they're not multi-part (like the stormtroopers *shudder*). With a bit of luck they'll be some decent reviews out before they get to the UK

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    I'm getting them all!

    I already have Batman, but I love these alot.

    In an unrelated story, I have a kidney for sale, please PM me for details...



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