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Thread: What's going on With Arty these days?

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    What's going on With Arty these days?

    I was just looking at the Wayland Games site and they're claiming to be the exclusive UK ditributor for Gamezone minis. Up til now I that's been Artemis Blacks and Arty still has all the GZ stuff on his website. AB's news hasn't been updated in a while though so I was wondering if he's dropped off the map again and Wayland has picked up the GZ line instead.

    I realise I could just Email Arty and ask him what the story is but I don't want to bug the guy. Anyone here know anything about it?
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    nope heard nothing - vern seems to know everything !
    maybe due to the lapse before they have offered it to the new guys?
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    I heard Wayland Games picked up Gamezone, not heard anything about Arty though (those Frothers charity Auctions was the last, back in July)

    *edit: Wayland have exclusive UK distribution rights



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