Recruitment: Halflings from the Moot.

After painting company Slayers from Karak Kadrin imperceptibly to the workshop crept company Halflings from the Moot do Warheim FS.

The basis for assembling the company were models from the Halfling Militia box from Wargames Atlantic, which I varied with bits from Frostgrave sets from North Star Military Figures, but not only. A trained eye will certainly see shields from SpellCrow or from GW.

The classic Ogre model also comes from Games Workshop, which after many years of dusting on the shelf has been incorporated into the company.

The Sheepdog and accompanying sheep from Warlord Games will appear as shepherd dogs, while Halflings along with the dogs on 25x50 mm bases will act as scouts.

The wagon is a shortened farmers cart from Master Box LTD, to which we harnessed draft horses from GW. Barrels from various manufacturers landed on the cart.

And this is how the Halflings from the Moot.