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Thread: Malifaux - custom made board

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    Malifaux - custom made board

    Let's start at the begining of the project. When starting such a build, it's always good to know where you're going and where you want to be when finished. I made this plans / sketches (I hope they'll be usefull)

    (I changed the writing from Croatian so you can understand more easily). This was the outline for the board itself and as you will be able to see it is almost as such now that the board is finished.
    In the same time I was building the board, I was doing the buildings as well. Here are the sketches:

    The only finished piece of terrain so far (with some of my models):

    this is my idea for the orphanage building.
    it'll be cca 20cm high with a footprint of 15x20cm
    this is the sketch of the ground floor

    to elaborate a bit:
    the green stuff is the garden - it will be large enough to fit a 30mm base in. stairs are leading up to the entrance (3cm high). the pinky stuff is 3cm off the ground level (which is yellowy) so you go left and down the stairs to reach the cells (for the bad little boys and girls). immediately to the right of the main entrance is the office (also 3cm off the ground level) with a table and a cabinet full of records. Take the stairs to the right and you get to the first floor...

    once you're upstairs you'll se a plant to your right and a cage door so the kids can't wander around the building on their own. once past the cage, you're in the dormitory. lot's of bunk beds. on the only window there are bars.
    also if you look up at the end of the stairs you'll find a hatch on the ceiling which enables you to climb to the roof

    It is plain horizontal roof - with dirt on it...

    Guild HQ:
    I'll start with the top down views of the floors. one notice before I start. the building will be placed along one side of the table so it will be made in one piece and the inside will be accessible from that side of the table.

    a bit more massive fence on the roof than on the orphanage. designed to look more impressive... with a small shack on it - probably will be an elevator engine room or something similar
    first floor (Governor's room)

    first of all, marble tile floor. huge writing desk with a globe, a light, a couple of books. on one wall there will be a map of Malifaux. The box on the right is a book cabinet going straight to the ceiling. from the ceiling there will be a large golden chandalier hanging. Windows are huge made of glass. one door leading to the balcony, 4cm wide so you can play in it..
    ground floor (McMourning's office):

    this is more complicated. up the stairs, 3cm (pinky level) straight ahead are some stairs going up to 6cm hight. from the entrance to the right there is a door leading to the Morgue. go through the door and down the stairs and in front of you there'll be a table (50mm morgue base insert). On the walls there are "cupboards" with drawers holding the dead bodies. once down the stairs (yellowy level) you'll see a tunnel going bellow the stairs in the main hallway ehich leads to another part of the morgue. this has a stove/fireplace with a chimney leading out by the front entrance. there is also another cupboerd with bodies as is under the stairs.
    the whole morgue is laced with Morgue accessories (from the set)...
    that's basicly it...
    a couple of more sketches:

    Now, the build of the table itself which is 125 x 125 cm (4'x4') but the playing field itself is 1m x 1m which I believe is enough for a good game especially when crammed with terrain. The idea is to have a board and detachable scenery (be it the lampposts, trees or buildings and hills)...

    After fixing the frame with screws and PVA glue, I then drew the outline of the terrain features (swamp, cobbled stone, desert and railway lines) on the board.

    I made the stands for the fate cards. I used a balsa plank which is 4mm thick onto which I glued a strip of sponge 5mm thick. Over it all I placed a cloth which I fixed with staples to the balsa. I will not fix it to the board untill I am finished with the board alltogether.

    I then proceeded to make small details on the board, such as railway lines, and other features cast out of plaster.

    I drilled holes in the board in the places where I will spill the plaster to make cobbled stone and other feature (desert...) for it to adhere to the board as best as possible.

    The bank of the swamp as well as the islands were sculpted out of clay (DAS Clay). Once the clay was dry, I glued the small magnets in the places where I planned the trees and the street lights to be. (I also glued magnets on the bottom of those features - so they can be removed when the board is not in use).

    I then, placed the newspaper over the playing area and painted the rest of the board black

    I finished the railway lines - painted it and glued it on to the embankment

    The desert part as well as the part of the town with the cobbled stone is made out of plaster (Eberhard Faber)

    After finishing with the plaster (and allowing it to set), I then glued the texture (sand and gravel) with PVA glue.

    I started with engraving the cobbled roads onto the plaster and started undercoating the whole table. I used GW Roughcoat for the undercoat.

    Then came the painting. I painted the whole board using PEBEO Deco Acrylic paints. (black, brown, ochre, ash, white, grey.. I think that about covers it... )

    And this is what the painted product looks like:

    Afterwards I put the static grass onto the board. i used a couple of shades going from rich green near the swamp to almost brown/greyish near the desert.. I also glued various branches, bushes and the longer 7mm static grass in clumps in between cobbled stones...

    Next, the resin was put in. I used three layers. The first layer was richly painted with emerald green (Pebeo Crystal colour), the next was just tinted while the last layer was just resin. I used Gedeo Crystal Resin because it comes in two parts that are mixed in 2:1 ratio which makes it easy to mix.

    I then proceeded to make terrain. I made a quarry (on the left), a brothel (big building in the middle of the board), a warehouse with a train depo (behind the brothel), a gothic tower (Hirst Arts), a small hut (for making moonshine), and a blacksmiths (TabletopWorld)...

    I still plan to make two further houses in a Victorian style. One will be a Guild HQ and another will be an orphanage...
    That makes:

    Quarry and warehouse - Arcanists,
    Hut - Outcasts,
    Brothel (Sybelle's) - Ressers
    HQ - Guild

    I still need to make a couple of bridges between the islands and the bank..

    WIP of the brothel. the upstairs is removalbe.
    Downstairs there is a reception, a gambling hall with a bar and a staircase leading up.
    Upstairs there are three rooms to the front, one to the back an a bathroom in the back...

    I've been thinking what to do next on the board and stumbled upon something soooo steampunkish that I will definetely incorporate it in the warehouse.
    it's an Airfix model of a Beam Engine:

    When finished it will look like this:

    It is a kit 185mm w x 150mm h... I think it's just the size for my board...
    and upon finding this, I stumbled on the next Airfix model - Steam Loco

    It looks to me like something Ramos might be driving in his spare time... when finished it is 210mm w x 75mm h and looks like this:

    Some more photos of the current state of the board:

    That's it so far! Hope you like it.
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Vern
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    That's an impressive project. I look forward to seeing it progress.

  4. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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    Looking look, I'll be following with interest.

    Btw - any chance of comparison shot of the 1804 Steam Loco next to a 28mm figure? (any will do, even unpainted)

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    Wyrd bi ful ard

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    Zagreb, Croatia
    No problem. as soon as I get it. (the photo is "stolen" from the internet :) ) I ordered it from my LGS and am still waiting for my copy of it.
    but as I gather its 75mm high (so the higth of two Wyrd human sized models stacked on top of each other, with bases I gather). It is 200mm long - so it'll be quite a beast :)
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint

  7. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Vern
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    Great (soz, I thought the constructed photo was yours ) - It looks like it could be very useful for VSF stuff ...

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    this is great stuff. love the planning. I should plan more before i go in on a project.

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    I agree, just the planning at this scale impresses me, can't wait to see it come to life. Do you impose a timeframe on something this big or just let it run?

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    Precision in planning, great stuff!

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    Looking good...well impressed...don't see enough on terrain and board building
    Blog Award

    Ryan Dancey, Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, believed that TSR failed because of "...a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy."

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    Wyrd bi ful ard

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    Thanks guys for such a positive feedback!

    Quote Originally Posted by phatkid1966 View Post
    Do you impose a timeframe on something this big or just let it run?
    Let's just say I started this board at around this time last year. What I've done (in the photos), I did in two months - and it's been sitting there ever since
    At the start of October - I started doing my Rotten Harvest entries and then I was finishing all my Outcast models for Malifaux, and then I had a foolish notion that I should enter Iron Painer and try not to get booted off in Round 1. Managed to do Round 4 before I got kicked out but decided to do the other two rounds in the ITIC.
    So that's been my year and by posting this I'm trying to kick myself into gear and continuing my work...

    wait, what was the question? timeframe, right...
    NEVER EVER impose timeframe (in my experience at least). It never ever ends good. This is a hobby and as such it should be fun. The moment you say to yourself this must be done by then-and-then, it becomes a chore and therefore inevitably burden - and that shows in the end result.

    When doing this large a project, I find it is vital to do a lot of planning. I rather spend an hour extra planning, than doing something and realizing I did it wrong and redoing. Plus it saves money on the gas as you don't need to revisit the supply stores if you are carefull, and they allways tend to be on the opposite sides of the city...
    Plus, you can plan at (almost) any time you like. You have five minutes time in the bus to work - try to imagine your building; you have a couple minutes before the kettle boils - try to decide how large the doors should be; you have half an hour in the can - take a notebook with you
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint

  14. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! phatkid1966

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