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Thread: Morland Studios Kickstarter for 54mm Howard David Johnson Miniatures

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    Morland Studios Kickstarter for 54mm Howard David Johnson Miniatures

    When we launched our Officially Licensed Howard David Johnson line in 32mm, the figures were wildly popular but with every release we have gotten numerous requests for the same figures in a larger scale. As we have found, producing the larger figures is expensive and this Kickstarter is to "Kickstart" the 54mm versions of our Howard David Johnson line through sculpting and production faster than they would otherwise be produced around the popular (and thus prioritized) 32mms. If funding is successful, then we will be able to focus on getting some 54mms added to our Howard David Johnson line alongside the 32mms. Should it not be successful, then any 54mm releases will be sporadic or delayed until we have sculpted all of the 32mm figures in our licensed line.

    Our initial funding goal of $5,000 is to cover the costs associated with producing three 54mm miniatures, and their accessories, for this line. Kreimhild's Revenge (with shield and helm), Danu (with wolf) and Bodbh, Goddess of War and Death (with Cairn). 

Below are the three licensed artworks on which the figures will be based that are included in this Kickstarter project.

    Our Kickstarter project, information and Kickstarter only resin 32mm Kreimhild can be found here:
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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Vern
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    I love their work! I'm in.

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    The first figure for the Kickstarter campaign has been sculpted - I finished it back in May. So it might be useful to post some pics to show how the artworks will translate into figurine-form, yeah? So I'll go ahead and do that, then!

    This is my first 54mm sculpt, so it was cool to try a slightly larger scale. Last year I sculpted a 32mm version of this same figure, so it was very interesting to revisit the artwork - felt kind of weird like deja-vu or something, when I'd be sculpting certain parts! But it helped to be aware of some of the mistakes I made last time, and try to improve the new version.

    Here are the pics!

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  5. Loving your work These users all liked this awesome post:: shanerozzell,Vern
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    Beautiful piece! I think they would be beautiful in 54 mm for sure =)

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    those last two ones look like men....

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    Seb, that is a great model! Very impressed.

    When that one becomes available, I will definitely be picking one up just to paint.

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    Good luck with this, a bit skint at the moment (but I'll see how I am next month)

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    No disrespect to the artist but the artwork pales in comparison to the sculpt. What a gorgeous piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatkid1966 View Post
    No disrespect to the artist but the artwork pales in comparison to the sculpt. What a gorgeous piece.
    Agree completely... in fact, I'm far more impressed with the sculpt than I am with the last two paintings...

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    For anyone following our project, we just updated the project.

    I've posted up the stretch goals (with artwork and one green) as well as several examples of future artwork for 54mms should this Kickstarter be successful.

    I added in new pledge levels which include five of our unreleased figures as well as add-ons for current pledge levels. By request, I also added in an option to add the 32mm Medb set to any pledge. Also added are a few copies of our promo only figure, 54mm Shar The Traveler.

    To see the artwork and new miniatures visit our Kickstarter page at:


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