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Thread: Freebooter Miniatures 2012 - The Results

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    Freebooter Miniatures 2012 - The Results

    Well our latest contest has come to a close and it's been a pleasure to host one of the best names in the business in the form of Freebooter Miniatures.

    We had some lovely entries ranging from Angels to grotesque things I probably dated!

    While all the entries were lovely we had to pick a trio of winners to take home the booty (Freebooty?!!) and you folks have been voting away to try and choose them. I will say its been extremely close between our champions with only 3 votes separating all three!

    But alas we need someone to top the pile and that winner is............


    with his awesome 'The Dead Lady' hearty congratulations to him, a worthy winner indeed. He bags himself 50 of Freebooter goodies.

    Hot on his heels and just a single vote behind is our runner up in the form of Pae with his beautiful 'Spitfire'. Pae gets 30 worth of booty for his trouble.

    Our final winner was just another single vote behind Pae and 3rd place goes to Sister_Lucy for her 'Queen of Shadows' Lucy will take home 20 worth of rewards.

    So those are our three winners who were clear of the pack but very little between them. I hope you have enjoyed the contest. Thanks as ever to you all for entering, voting or cajoling. Special thanks to Freebooter Miniatures for supporting the contest and for making brilliant miniature. I urge you to support them back and buy their minis - they are sweet.

    You can find their store here: Freebooter Store

    Winners can you pm me your email addresses please

    thanks folks

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    Congrats to the winners and a big well done to everyone else who took part.

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    Wait... what? I won something.. holy poop on a stick! *i'm eloquent no?*

    Congrats to the other winners as well! Fabulous work mates! And a big thanks to all the voters!

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    Congrats to all the winners and all who entered!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sister_Lucy View Post
    Wait... what? I won something.. holy poop on a stick!

    Congrats to the other winners as well! Fabulous work mates!
    I echo all of those sentiments as well. :-)

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    Grats to the winners! thanks for the contest WAMP and Freebooter.

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    Great contest and superb gallery all round, congrats to all who entered, there were some beautiful pieces in there as well as the three winners, and well done to King Kender, Pae and Sister Lucy.

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    I'M So so so happy for that!
    it was a pleasure to be in this contest
    thnks to all who voted my (a little out of focus ^^) mini
    and congratulations to all winners

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    Congratulations to the winners, and well done to all the contestants - great entries all


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