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Thread: Wamp2012

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    I had a Great day out, excellent entries to the categories, and well deserved winners! Thunderbellie had some well deserved wins! And took my sponsored trophy home with him.

    The speed painting was a good laugh, cant believe someone got there base flocked?!!? Although i did alright with a 25mm brush :P.

    All in all, an excellent day. Well done Brett for pulling it off with whats happened through the year! and i look forwards to the next one!


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    Great day I must say! Thanks Brett! See you guy at DAEMON DAY!

    One of the things I would like to cover for you guys who are coming is 'creating a focal point' or as i like to call it 'frames and features'.
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    Hi everyone

    Big thanks to Mr & Mrs Darklord for running the event and to all who helped out, also to all those who went. without events like these we would not be able to push the hobby forward and build a community. I had a great time meeting people and being able to put a face to a name/names.

    Thanks again & BIG UP to everyone!!

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    Hi there!
    The Norwegian delegation had a great time - during the day and night :)
    Big thanks to The Darklords and everyone who made the event a really nice day. It was great to meet fellow wampers and experience that the wampers are not only a friendly crowd on the forum, but a great crowd in real life as well!

    In the end I must say the day just passed way too quickly, I really would have loved to get some expert advice from megazordman on using the andrea skin set, but the 'painting faces' session kind of ate into the timing - maybe next time? That said, the face session was really good, and big Kudos to Tommie for his enthusiasm, energy, humour, funny English words that are hardly in use, and his great teaching skills.

    I must also mention it was a highlight to see so many great minis for the contest, getting some feedback from Adam on my Axenarf, seeing Shane's busts irl (great facial expressions) and getting a surprising bronze certificate for my privateer press warjack! Hurrah :D The main comment on it was: mouldlines. What? Have any of you guys ever tried to put together a resin warjack? There must be like a million mouldlines on those pieces. If there are only a few left, it's an achievement in itself

    Going out in Nottingham after the event with Brett, Iain, Toni was a good laugh as well - I thought maybe more people would be coming - but we made up for it by drinking with both hands. Not all of it good - some of it tasted like the smell of sunlotion. Well, we're still alive, and got back safely to Norway in the end.

    What else to say? Hope to see you again next year, and that more people will be joining the evening laughs!

    Cheers Oyvind

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    Thanks to all for a great day. Particularly to Brett for organising it all and to Tommie for this epic tutorial and Shane for taking time to give me individual feedback on my entry. A lot of inspiration and information going around! Tommie tutorial was great and I'll see what I can get done in time for this demon day so I'd have something for share good expertise over.

    In a couple of ways the day have me confidence in that I seemed to be doing a bunch of things the right way just need to improve. Of course this is also bad as there is no magic cure or silver bullet. If only Tommie had told me I was using the wrong end of the brush I'd be an awesome painter now! :p

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    Brilliant day. I walked in and set about nosing at everones work with my mouth agape. The models were so beautiful and it really demonstrates the idea that photographs don't always do the miniatures justice. The atmosphere was wonderful and I am ashamed to admit that although I saw many faces, I didn't put names to many. It was fantastic to meet Shane although being a fan of his stuff I felt a bit like a groupie at first (i said groupie not stalker - you can relax mate)! Meeting Brett and the Overlord Mrs Brett was great and like everyone I am in your debt for being fortunate to have been able to be present at such a wonderfully organised and fun event. It was brilliant to have a class with Tommie Soule and although we didn't get around to the weathering (which would have been fantastic - no doubts) it was TS willingness to answer questions and give all involved personal advice that for me will prove invaluable that made time fly. You could feel the community at this event - Sparks who I must say is an absoloute top bloke was giving away some fantastic stuff from his personal bits box - I grabbed a complete GW vortex to be used in a future dio' and others were giving away all manners off stuff from bases to barrels etc. The lack of stock at Maelstrom was a shame but probably couldn't be helped although I grabbed a couple of nice new miniatures. Awards were spot on except there should have been a special award given to Brett for his continued dedication in both the wamp community and in organising the events. I will absoloutely be coming to the next one and hope that by then my models will be at a standard where I feel confident enough to enter something (I knew things were bad when everyones speed painting models were better than some of the ones I spend weeks on)! Anyways a big huuuuuuuge thanks Brett I know people have said this already but its so important to know how much it is appreciated so we will keep saying it!

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    Firstly apologies for not responding on here sooner but just getting back into the swing after a few days off!

    It's very heartening to hear that people seemed to have a great time. This has always been the main focus, giving a quality experience and making it an event where people would want to return the next year.
    While it was a frantic day for me and Toni it was a good day and it was great to meet people for the first time or welcome back old friends. The painting contest was a great standard once again and to even get a certificate of any colour was a fantastic achievement, the bar was purposefully set high.

    The night out was great, yet more converts to Malibu and Milk and it was surprising to find the Norwegian delegation talking about something other than herring!!

    Next year will most likely see the event step up a gear. I have some plans to make much more of the day and I hope we can count on seeing more of you next year.

    Time for some thanks!!Obviously thanks to all of you that took the time to come along. Thanks to the sponsors who help make it happen.
    Thanks to Maelstrom for their support and awesome venue (especially the two Tim's)
    Big thanks to our esteemed judges Rob,Scott and Andy (and Robin who couldn't make it at the last minute)
    Thanks to Tommie Soule for his excellent workshop and to John Keys (who unfortunately didn't get time to do his).
    Thanks also to Shane and Undave for their photography skills.
    Thanks to the Norwegian trio for travelling for 3 weeks by sled just to get here.

    Biggest thanks go to Grand Overlord HRH Princess Mrs Darklord Toni for her unswerving support and generally putting up with me and for also keeping the day running!!

    See you next year!!

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