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Thread: pae vrs, vegascat - Monster: RESULTS

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    pae vrs, vegascat - Monster: RESULTS

    Ok folks it be votin' time! Just for painting in this. marks out of ten and comments welcomed and appreciated.

    First up is pae's take on the theme.

    Second we have vagascats entry.

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    Both minis have very coherent schemes, VC's basing is both more fitting and interesting, though Pae's painting is better with some nice blends there. VC's entry needs a bit more depth and once over to neaten up a bit.

    VC - 6

    Pae - 7.5

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    Shane - Thanks for setting up the voting thread and Orki, thanks for the comments!

    Holy hells, Pae's monster rocks!
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    Tough call on this as both have their good and bad points
    Pae - nicely painted but I had to look hard to see the 'monster' as first impressions was that it seemed a cute little critter.

    Vegascat - Some good touches and obviously a monster, some of the white areas could do with a little more blending, but white is not an easy colour to work with.

    Pae 7
    Vegascat 6.5
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    Awwww, they are both adorable!

    Pae: great paintjob, though as someone else mentioned the base is rather lacking and doesn't seem to make sense for the creature in question.

    Vegas: I actually love that white, it's gritty enough to look like fur and the subtlety of the shading adds to the mini in my opinion. No one thing catches my eye save that mouth which gives me the whole picture first then the details. You are definitely improving!
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    Pae: 8.5 I really like the color choices and the blending on the tentacles. Scary beastie.

    VC: 7.5 I dig the pose and the vibe. I'm looking for a little more variety within each color. Maybe use some washes that have higher contrast or use a different color altogether. Still, though, another scary beastie. Would love to see this standard on the tabletop.

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    Pae 7,5
    Nice blends! I otherwise agree with what's already mentioned.

    Vegas 7,5
    Striking colour scheme and a great and scary bite! The white needs more shading to improve the depth and contrast.

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    7.5 - Love the model choice. As already mentioned, nice blends & like the colour transitions. Maybe more could have been made of the below the jaws (although, that is more a personal choice)

    7 - Another cool model. I particularly like how the mouth came out. I think the white skin could do with some more definition, or a least a little smoother blending.

    Good job peeps

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    Nice one boys!

    Pae - 9 Love it. Very nice set of colours.

    Vegascat - 7. Good work on a difficult colour for the flesh of the beast. I think it needs a little more contrast as do the plates themselves.

    Good work both!
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    Pae - 8
    Very nice piece, base is a little barren for me but works okay with the mini if that's the effect you wanted. Lovely colour choices and well blended, overall very nice indeed.

    Vegascat - 7
    Like the colour choices and the basing, I feel the white could do with a little more depth and the scales/plates could also do with a little more but overall a good piece.

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