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Thread: Kyla, Bounty Hunter [Reaper]

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    Kyla, Bounty Hunter [Reaper]

    She started as a speed paint job, I paused for a long time and want to get a fast come back by trying to do as much as possible winthin a weekend.
    The one thing I learn is, don't do that agian, it kinda ruined the mini in smal ways that would only show when it's nearly finish. And it always pay offs if I check carefully every steps along the way, like clearing flash lines, base coating plan (inner most first, small parts first, etc)...

    more WIP shots:

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    better photo of her ...

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    Looking great vegel, although in my opinion the photos on the first post are actually better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral Dragon View Post
    Looking great vegel, although in my opinion the photos on the first post are actually better.
    yea now that I look at it, yes, the first shot is a better shot, but back then there are bits that I haven't finished...

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    I really like the colors you've chosen and the freehand on the scroll looks great. I was going to comment on the highlights (as in needing more) but I honestly can't tell from your pics to be honest. I'd like to see a back shot of the model and a clear shot of the face and eyes as it looks like you do a nice job on your eyes as well.
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    Yeah, top one looks like a softer shot and would have me rambling on about needing more highlights.

    The bottom one is flooded with too much light and would have me rambling about shading in stronger.

    A good example of how subjective pics can be, especially when we just plonk the mini down somewhere an get a quick snap of it.



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