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Thread: getting back into wamp

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    getting back into wamp

    hi everyone

    I had been out for a long while and I am back, I stopped posting coz I have much less painting time and let alone post them here... I got on facebook a lot more though...

    anyhow, looking back I got a lot more helpful tips from here than facebook or coolminiornot, so I decided to get back into wamp. And I just joined the supporter programme :)

    so now I am going to splash out a few new threads on the mini I painted, since none of them are gits so I never got around to finish them off, so yea, all of them are WIP, lazy me

    so there you go as update from mini painter living in Hong Kong, with a 65 working hours per week, dad of a 4 yeras old and a soft dart player... did I mention I am getting into water paint so I understand more about colors? haha.

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    Good to see you back vegel, looking forward to seeing some of your WIPs.

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    Welcome back dude.
    Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?

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    Welcome back matey
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    Thx guys
    But the way, i posted a few thread in the wrong sub forum, instead of the WIP one i posted in the workbench.... anyway we can move them back to WIP?



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